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Veterans Community Project - Navigation Campus

Lenexa, Kansas

Finkle + Williams is honored to play a small part in the work that the Veterans Community Project is doing to help homeless veterans live in dignity and safety through trauma informed designed communities in both Kansas City and soon, nationwide. VCP’s new Kansas City Veteran Navigation Campus will expand their ability to provide walk-in services for targeted, comprehensive care. 

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Veterans Community
Project Outreach Center, CO

Longmont, CO

The first community expansion is based in Longmont, Colorado and is nearing completion. This campus provides 26 tiny homes and a 3,600 SF community center offering outreach and veterans support services.

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Veterans Community Project - Outreach Campus, MO

Saint Louis, MO

The village in St. Louis is planned for 50 tiny homes, an Outreach Center, and a 7,000 sf Community Center. The Outreach Center is located on a major thoroughfare and part of the City of St. Louis’ urban greenway trail system.  It is located near several neighborhood amenities such as shopping and mass transit lines.  The Community Center includes computer labs for job training and resume building, office space for case workers, and flex space for community meetings or volunteer healthcare teams to provide services. 

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Veterans Community
Project Outreach Center, SD

Sioux Falls, SD

Sioux Falls, South Dakota is the third expansion city. The village is located on ancestral lands of the Occeti Shakowin community and members of the Seven Fires Council and therefore has special significance to the Native American people.  According to Native American lore, there is deep symbolism associated with the construction of a tipi—the original form of housing for many of the plains peoples.  The first three poles of a tipi for an asterisk-like cross and represent a star.  Living in a tipi is symbolic of living within a star. A representation of these first three poles of a tipi has been incorporated into the entrance to the community center. Circular motifs are also present throughout the campus. Cedar, deemed sacred to the local tribes, has been incorporated throughout the building as well as local stone on the veneer. The circle is symbolic of journeys; leaving and returning to a place as a different person. The symbolism aligns so well with the mission of VCP and with the journeys of many of the residents.  

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