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"New Fleet Facility Supports Maintenance Program"

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

"A new fleet facility on Lenexa’s Municipal Services campus will give City crews the space and resources they need to maintain everything from chainsaws to fire engines in-house.

Having an on-site facility maintenance team helps to cut costs and get valuable equipment onto the streets efficiently.

Lenexa’s 10-person crew maintains and repairs nearly 375 city vehicles (including police and fire vehicles) and more than 250 small engines (weed-eaters, mowers and chainsaws). They operate a body and paint shop for city vehicles and perform towing and recovery services, welding and fabrication.

The 30+-year-old former fleet facility’s insufficient size, configuration and lighting levels made routine maintenance and emergency service work challenging. Some equipment didn’t fit in the building, requiring staff to make repairs outdoors in all weather conditions, and low ceiling heights limited the ability to work on certain pieces of equipment.

The new facility will allow the team to maintain and repair Lenexa’s entire fleet and small equipment. It features new maintenance bays, a parts room, storage area, offices and a break room.

Outside the new building, you’ll find environmentally friendly stormwater and conservation practices like a rain garden and restored prairie."

Story Written By: City of Lenexa News

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