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Finkle + Williams Architecture Ranks #7 in Ingram's Corporate Report 100

For Finkle + Williams Architecture, it’s all about substance, and not about flash. “We have always managed our firm conservatively,” says Greg Finkle, president the Overland Park firm. “We have never been leveraged or drawn on a line of credit to operate our business, which I believe allowed us to persevere during the difficult economic downturn that our industry (and many others) experienced a couple years ago.” More recent growth, he says, stemmed from the markets the firm serves, which seemed to rebound from the recession before others—particularly the industrial sector.

But the firm has also been open to evolving and growing as opportunities have presented themselves to expand into new markets, and, Finkle notes, “we have been quietly working overseas for the last decade or so. The fact that the world is now ‘flat’, working in different regional/global economies does have some advantages. If one region is distressed, another may be thriving.”

Article By: Ingram's

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