Overland Park, Kansas

In 2015, Finkle + Williams won the opportunity to work with the City of Overland Park on a site selection study for a new Central Fleet Maintenance Project. The goal of the project was to identify a site that was well suited to construct a new building
that would consolidate Parks and Rec, Police, and Public Works fleet maintenance needs. As part of this project, F+W lead these departments through an in-depth site analysis of existing facilities and programming process. Questionnaires were sent to gather input from dozens of end users from each department and interviews were conducted with key personnel. A visioning session and Design Charrette were held to determine how the program and ideas gathered could be incorporated together. Two sites were evaluated and resulted in a recommendation for the city to move forward with one site.

The process went very well and two years after the study was completed, F+W was invited to design the final building. Construction has begun and will be complete in Summer 2020.