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Overland Park Fleet Maintenance Facility

Overland Park, Kansas

Finkle + Williams was selected through an RFQ issued by the City of Overland Park to prepare a program and evaluation of the feasibility for the consolidation of Public Works, Parks & Recreation and Police fleet maintenance services into one centralized facility. The result of the study provided the City with a program of consolidated departments, options for two site procurement and a confirmed budget to include in their upcoming CIP. The City then retained Finkle + Williams and our consultants to complete the design and oversee construction for the 63,000 SF project. See More Here.


The interior spaces are thoughtfully designed to tell the story of the fleet operations in the building. A local artist painted a two-story mural of a 12-cylinder engine, which can be seen through the glass clerestory by cars driving by on Antioch Road. Additionally, seating in the break room was designed to mimic the look of the seats in the original Ford Model-T cars. The reflective exterior metal siding is reminiscent of shiny chrome bumper and reflects the pride and quality of work done in the building.

This project received the Public Works Project of the Year Award in 2022. 

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